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Stone Polishing Process The stone polishing process use […]

Stone Polishing Process
The stone polishing process uses polishing compounds and polishing pads to restore brilliance and shine to stone surfaces. Different polishing compounds are used depending on the type of stone. Each type of polishing compound is used with stone polishing machine and special polishing pads with water. Polishing pads can be made of soft or very hard fabric. By polishing at low speeds, the pads will spread the slurry made with the polishing compound and water. The heat created during the polishing process creates a beautiful shine on the stone surface.

Polishing Compound for Limestone, Marble, Travertine (Calcium Carbonate)
The polishing compound for these stones is comprised mainly of chemicals which react with the surface of the stone (calcium carbonate). The chemicals are embedded in a paste, powder, or cream that contains some mild acids such as Oxalic Acid. A highly glossy appearance is created as the chemical.