Bridge Saw-Strong And Durable


  The offered bridge saw is manufactured by utilizing h […]

  The offered bridge saw is manufactured by utilizing high-quality raw material and leading technology.Centers have multiple functions such as drilling, milling, cutting and tapping.The bridge saw comprises a cast iron bridge, two bridge moving tracks and one worktable.

  With stone polishing machine, stable performance, good adaptability and high reliability, it is a kind of combined multi-functional stone cutting machine which suitable for high value and big size board line cutting.Two V-shaped tracks have been machined on the bridge top with small clearance to guide blade holder X-axis movement.

  This marble cutting machine is inspected on numerous parameters to make certain absolutely, defect-free supplies.Blade forwarding is guided by laser line to ensure the cut accurate. Limit blocks are present on bridge and blade holder to easily limit blade moving range during stone cutting.