Countertop Processing Machine-Eh! Really Cheap


  It meets the cutting requirements of large-size plate […]

  It meets the cutting requirements of large-size plates on the market.Optimized hydraulics for extremely fast switch-over.Available with oil/air cooler or oil/water cooler.The electric control is within a control cabinet that also is mounted on the base frame. So that is pledges the whole stone polishing machine precision and long life.The main electrical elements and components of the machine are all of imported good-quality materials.It also comes with a wired remote control to allow operator to stand next to work piece during setup, and bridge saw.

  It is wide-span structure, equipped with 0-360 degree rotary table.Pressure booster with large plunger diameter and long stroke ensures long life.If you are interested in countertop processing machine.This fabrication process is done by a stone fabricator, which is a very specialized person.It's maingly featured wtih high efficiency and low processing cost.This countertop processing machine can do drilling, cutting, edge grinding, shaping, polishing work for making stone sink.

  Which are automatization, faster production, optimization of the running costs.The whole countertop processing machine is with high standard manufacturing process, in the equipment design.The line has now been operating for several months and causing a stir due to its high output, flexibility and finished product quality.