Granite Cutting Machine-Good Quality And Long Life


  Bridge cutting machine for marble.Bridge cutting mach […]

  Bridge cutting machine for marble.Bridge cutting machine are the result of years of experience and research in cutting technology and stone processing.In the right end of the bridge cutting machine are electric cabinet and control panel. The control panel is articulated on the right end of the bridge flexible for easy operation of the machine.

  The stone cutting machine mainly consists of double moving beams, a vertical ram and a fixed table. The double beams structure makes Z axis more stable when moving and the ram is thermo-symmetric.On top of each bridge moving track there is a high precision linear guide system to ensure the bridge smooth movement and precise positioning.

  granite cutting machine exhibits excellent static and dynamic stability which can achieve the highest possible dimensional accuracy and surface accuracy at high accelerations and feed rates.The machine can process complex and large workpieces with high speed, high accuracy and high stability.

  As a crucial component, the slab cutting machine has been built in large thickness normalized cast iron. Cast iron gives the bridge high rigidity and prevents it from shape deformation.Nowadays well-known all around the world for its features: high performance, long life and dependability.