Granite Cutting Machine Is Specially Designed


  Polished is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom […]

  Polished is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom upgrades due to its timeless allure, durability and low maintenance.There is a lead screw and nut system inside each pillar for bridge cutting machine.The whole machine body is made of cast iron for high rigidity. Blade holder slides on the bridge right and left for cutting stone.This is the block cutter in bridge type sturcture with multi-blades that cut and split stone blocks into slabs automatically.

  granite cutting machine is specially designed to work in most arduous of conditions.When mixed with sand, a jet of water travels at breakneck speed and perfectly cuts everything from rock and metal to plastic and wood.Robust mono frame stone bridge saw cutting granite marble counter tops and so on.It operated easily and conveniently.

  There are both manual and automatic double page digital touchscreen management panel.To set up a machine, the machine must be delivered on a flat bed, then used with the forklift to set the bridge saw.It is safe to guarantee safe production. It can prevent the noise and dust pollution.You will need a diamond-cut blade and a circular saw in order to cut it.