Hard Machine,Stone Polishing Machine


  With three axis for simple operation that increase pr […]

  With three axis for simple operation that increase production on the cut natural and artificial stone.stone polishing machine are expensive, but you can save money by learning how to cut for your home improvement project.Offering you a complete choice of products which include stone polishing machine.Such as stone floors and furnishing elements such as marble kitchen tops, shower trays and marble sinks.Stone polishing machine is one of the most difficult materials to cut.

  Simply cut the bowl out on the existing table and then polish without ever having to move the stone from the work bench.To set up a machine, the machine must be delivered on a flat bed, then used with the forklift to set the bridge saw.It has lower cost than wire saw machine.

  The customization of stone cutting machine is designed to meet all the customer’s needs and to fully satisfy the requirements of the various sectors.The whole machine body is made of cast iron for high rigidity. Blade holder slides on the bridge right and left for cutting stone.The operators of the marble and granite sector are dedicated to the extraction and treatment of blocks, the production of slabs, the polishing and resining of marble.