I Won't Regret It,Bridge Cutting Machine


  Good quality steel is used as the mechanical parts an […]

  Good quality steel is used as the mechanical parts and reliable imported electric parts are used to guarantee high reliability & durability.The offered bridge cutting machine is manufactured by utilizing high-quality raw material and leading technology.The front-back,left-right,up-down of bridge cutting machine can locate and be controlled by the microcomputer to work automatically.

  By using advanced computer control system to achieve multi programming methods.Crossbeam movement along linear guide way with high precision.The workstation can also rotate 90 degree automatically.It is pre-installed and tested before transport to customer.Achieve fully automatic processing operation and some powerful functions, like easy-operation auto cutting, edge polishing, slotting.

  Before the advent of the granite cutting machine, fabrics were first die-cut and then appliqués were sewed or embroidered on the base fabric.Blade rpm controlled by an inverter, it is able to cut granite, marble, quartz and other types of stones.These standard features allow faster setup and easier operator interface.All components are mounted on a base frame, enclosed within a sound proofing enclosure.