Our Slab Cutting Machine Is Widely Praised


  The main electrical elements and components of the ma […]

  The main electrical elements and components of the machine are all of imported good-quality materials so that is pledges the whole machines precision and long life.Which can achieve the highest possible dimensional accuracy and surface accuracy at high accelerations and feed rates.It also has a relative high speed and stiffness.

  This machine is characterized by high precision, high performance and is particular applicable for the cutting of high-value and heavy-gauge slabs.Such as marble, granite, artificial stone etc.Our product range includes a wide range of granite/marble moulding, cutting,special type automatic stone bridge cutting machine and stone tile cutting machine.

  Combined cutting machines with disk and waterjet, polishing machines for slabs, lathes and wire shaping machines.Our slab cutting machine is widely praised for their longer service life and durability.We also offer Medium and Smaller Bridge Saws for a less production and expense.It also provides covered oil bath for the movements of bridge rails.

  The suppliers and manufacturers of polishing machines produced by each suppliers are different.It's the best and suitable machine for polish stone monuments.The mechanical body is made of very strong cast iron for stability and long lifetime.Machine has the red laser pointer for easy to find the cutting range.