Sharp Bridge Saw


  The bridge saw is done by a circular diamond saw.They […]

  The bridge saw is done by a circular diamond saw.They provide you with speed, accuracy, safety, automation, and ease of use that no other product on the market can give.Bridge saw diamond blades can have either teeth or a smooth, continuous perimeter. Water not only helps cool and lubricate the bridge saw but also keeps the dust down.Our offered machine is designed to allow precise cutting and is easy to operate.They do not assure the rigidity and stability to obtain precisely specimens for laboratory use.

  Typical stone polishing machine or walk behind cutting takes place for floor removals, machine base preparation.Standard bridge saw in the market are standard saws for field use in the building industry.The bridge saw blade advances and retracts to the home position by a user-friendly hand wheel.For a large job on the floor, consider using a walk-behind bridge saw.

  The offered machine is made using optimum quality components and cutting-edge technology.Designed and manufactured considering all the necessary conditions in order to avoid risks for personnel and plant during the use and maintenance of the machine.If you have just one big project, you’ll save money and time by renting a track-guided, wet-cutting saw/saw blade combination.