Sharp Bridge Saw


  Designed for precision cutting, bridge saw and artifi […]

  Designed for precision cutting, bridge saw and artificial stone.Blade holder sliding rails are covered to prevent dust and moisture.When the bridge saw is cutting on granite, a lot of pressure is created in the cutting head, which transfers to the bridge.Over time, a number of stone polishing machines and methods have been used cut stone.

  Unsurprisingly, bridge saw made from the hardest materials available were still of little use on anything but the softest types of stone.Bridge saws on the bridge are machined by big modern machining tools with limited small clearance.Granite slab produced by this machine accurate cutting has a smooth surface, therefore reduce polishing cost.

  Extracting stone from the earth and then treating and shaping it for its desired purpose.Also for this reason are popular machines in the natural stone industry and ceramics.Slate and other stones have served a wide range of applications, from practical to artistic.