Slab Cutting Machine Marble Sinks


  This is the block cutter in bridge type sturcture wit […]

  This is the block cutter in bridge type sturcture with multi-blades that cut and split stone blocks into slabs automatically.slab cutting machine is specially designed to work in most arduous of conditions.

  Offering you a complete choice of products which include stone polishing machine.Such as stone floors and furnishing elements such as marble kitchen tops, shower trays and marble sinks.

  It is a modern strong versatile countertop processing machine.Then level the the machine and some even bolt it to the floor.Polished is a popular choice for kitchen and bathroom upgrades due to its timeless allure, durability and low maintenance.There is a lead screw and nut system inside each pillar.

  The customization of stone cutting machine is designed to meet all the customer’s needs and to fully satisfy the requirements of the various sectors.The whole machine body is made of cast iron for high rigidity.