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  Which maximizes the high speed milling performance of […]

  Which maximizes the high speed milling performance of spindle. The machine mainly consists of double moving beams, a vertical ram and a fixed table.The main electrical elements and components of the machine are all of imported good-quality materials so that is pledges the whole machines precision and bridge cutting machine.

  It has a welded mono bloc frame, a stainless steel-made mobile gantry that allows the loading and unloading at a hidden time.Which can achieve the highest possible dimensional accuracy and surface accuracy at high accelerations and feed rates.

  It takes in account not only the static and dynamic performances but also the accessibility to the workpiece. It also has a relative high speed and stiffness.

  It features a high processing precision in proper operating conditions. This machine is characterized by high precision, high performance and is particular applicable for the cutting of high-value and heavy-gauge slabs.

  stone cutting machine classify products are mainly used to cut small specification stone slab materials, such as marble, granite, artificial stone etc.We are a professional stone cutter machine manufacturer and stone cutter machine supplier. We have stone cutters for sale.