Ten Advantages Of Bridge Saws


  Depending on the type of cutter different processes a […]

  Depending on the type of cutter different processes are possible, the bridge saws differ in size of the blade, table type, control type, number of axes etc.This is not a stripped down manual bridge saw, but a fully computer controlled bridge saw that is made to last.In addition, our double hydraulic lifting is adopted for up and down lifting.

  The left-right feeding device features speed adjustment according to the stone material.Owing to our deeply knowledge and proficiency in this industry.

  The bridge saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, and has a liquid crystal touch screen for easy operator interface.The bridge saws are used for cutting, shaping and processing marble and granite.These standard features allow faster setup and easier operator interface.

  Of course, metal stands are available for the marble cutting machine if customers request.Customers can avail this cutting machine with numerous specifications.