The Bridge Saw Is A Modern Strong


  The main beam has been machined to perfect tolerances […]

  The main beam has been machined to perfect tolerances to give it extremely straight cuts, while absorbing any minor vibrations during normal use.They provide you with speed, accuracy, safety, automation, and ease of use that no other product on the market can give.

  The bridge saw is a modern strong Mono-block and versatile machine.Excellent design and well-chosen electric accessories minimize the failure rate.Faucet and sinkholes as well as a smoother radius off sharp edges of slabs cut with bridge saws.

  It also comes with a wired remote control to allow operator to stand next to work piece during setup, and a laser cutting guide.

  The bridge saw is controlled by microcomputer for fully automatic operations, and has a liquid crystal touch screen for easy operator interface.The bridge saw, used for granite countertop fabrication or other stone cutting, is now available with 1 year warranty.

  He then enhances the exquisite and unique beauty of the marble cutting machine imported from Italy.Water tank and automatic water-supplying cooling system protect the tool effectively while processing all kind of stone.