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Quartzite has the look of a marble and the durability o […]

Quartzite has the look of a marble and the durability of granite.

Quartzite is ahead of the curve, because it is relatively new to the china countertop industry.
Quartzites are still in a higher price point because of the production costs overseas. Being much harder than granite, it requires more time and more quartz stone machine to quarry and process quartzite slabs. The same holds true during fabrication. True hard quartzites will eat more blades then most granites, adding to the fabrication cost.
Quartzite, being so hard, will have higher polishing and a very smooth surface.
Quartzites will have higher reflection of light, higher glossiness and more depth.
Because quartzites are less understood, sometimes they are mislabeled in the market. A by-product of the mislabeling is that some marbles are being sold as quartzite.
Mislabeled stones may include:
Super White/ Donna Sandra = that is a marble, or dolomitic marble, not a quartzite.
Iceberg = that is a calcite (marble) not a quartzite.