Process Flow Of Stone Processing Equipment


Stone processing equipment and technology Section 1 Fac […]

Stone processing equipment and technology
Section 1 Factors Affecting Stone Processing Performance
I. Process content: sawing, thickness setting (milling), surface processing (grinding, polishing, machine planing, fire,
(Hammering, chopping axe, sandblasting, pickling.), Cutting, milling, edging, chamfering, drilling, grooving, repairing, optimization.

Factors affecting stone processing equipment

1. Rock type, mineral composition and content:
(1) Differences in sawing process parameters between granite and marble, and differences in grinding and polishing materials; (2) Differences in firing effect between granite and gabbro, basalt, and cornerstone
(3) the influence of rock structure and structure: coarse grain structure is easy to collapse, and strip structure is easy to fracture
(4) the effect of high and low quartz content on sawing efficiency; (5) the effect of flake minerals on grinding and polishing effects
(6) Effect of cement composition in sedimentary rock on sawing wear rate

Section 2 General Processing Equipment and Main Technical Performance of Stone I. Stone Cutting Equipment
1.Frame type sand saw (1). Swing type sand saw
① Basic structure: main motor, flywheel, connecting rod, crank; saw frame cantilever, saw frame, saw blade, four-post frame, screw, lifting motor
Auxiliary equipment: mortar pump, spray truck, steel sand adder, steel sand separator, hydraulic tensioner, block trolley
②Working principle ③Technical performance:
Advantages: thinner saw blades can be used, low energy consumption, low sawing consumption, high output rate, simple movement method
Single, equipment wear is small, low cost.