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  Many fabrication shops can attest that water bills ca […]

  Many fabrication shops can attest that water bills can be undeniably overwhelming. If your business has limited or no access to an adequate water supply, then recycling the wastewater makes sense. For example, if you operate in a rural setting where you only use water wells, then recycling equipment helps to eliminate the hurdles of working with an insufficient water supply.

  Employing a filter press or slant plate clarifier in your projects reduces overall cost. With tighter regulations around contaminates and particulate matter, recycling gives you peace of mind knowing that associated compliance fines are one less thing to worry about.

  To recycle your wastewater efficiently, you need to have a closed-loop collection system that collects the water you use in cutting, polishing, and other fabrication tasks. This central collection point allows you to remove the solids from the water and recycle the clean water back to much of your stone processing equipment.