The Function Of Quartz Stone Machine


Resin based compound stone products which mainly consis […]

Resin based compound stone products which mainly consists of: – Innumerable particles of Quartz, which are set very close to each other thanks to use of the exclusive technology of vibro-compression under vacuum. – A structure which is formed by chains of polymers that wrap themselves around each individual particle of quartz and then, once the chemical links have been set, binds them permanently together by means of an adhesion promoter. Such a promoter adheres to the molecules of quartz through a silicon- functional bond and to the chains of polymers by way of an organic-functional bond. The result is a compound material, not existing in nature, which represents an ideal product for modern building industry.

Pompeii Quartz is a high quality solid non porous product that is resistant to scratches, heat, and stain however; Quartz is not heat, stain and scratch proof. Quartz requires minimum maintenance and the following care and quartz stone machine will help to keep the surface in immaculate condition for years.

Quartz is highly resistant to stains caused by fruit juices, liquid food coloring, coffee, tea, wine, grapes, soft drinks, paints, nail polish and remover, automotive fluids, and permanent makers. If any of the above is spilt on the top/floor, immediately wipe off the stained area with any commonly available multi-purpose cleaner or household detergent and then with ordinary water. For more stubborn spills and stains, repeat the procedure several times and use a household scouring pad to remove the stain. It is possible that some of the stubborn stains may leave a light mark or very slight discoloration on the stones. The high gloss finish and extremely low moisture absorption of Quartz fully eliminates the need for any sealing.