The Practical Bridge Cutting Machine


The bridge cutting machine is a highly automatic stone […]

The bridge cutting machine is a highly automatic stone machine well built to perform various tasks in marble and granite cutting. With the maximum blade in diameter 1000mm, it is ideal for cutting tombstone, building stone, curb stone and other stone pieces that are in large thickness.
The bridge cutting machine comprises a cast iron bridge, two bridge moving tracks and one worktable. As a crucial component, the bridge has been built in large thickness normalized cast iron. Cast iron gives the bridge high rigidity and prevents it from shape deformation. Two V-shaped tracks have been machined on the bridge top with small clearance to guide blade holder X-axis movement.
Two bridge moving tracks are installed on concrete stands to ensure the bridge saw machine vibration free. Of course, metal stands are available for the bridge cutting machine if customers request. On top of each bridge moving track there is a high precision linear guide system to ensure the bridge smooth movement and precise positioning.
Bridge cutting machine blade rise/fall movement is powered by two hydraulic cylinders and guided by two sliding plates. Blade forwarding is guided by laser line to ensure the cut accurate. Limit blocks are present on bridge and blade holder to easily limit blade moving range during stone cutting.
In the right end of the bridge cutting machine are electric cabinet and control panel. The control panel is articulated on the right end of the bridge flexible for easy operation of the machine. PLC system and frequency converter have been used in the bridge cutter machine to grant it high level of automation.
The bridge cutting machine worktable is able to up turning 0~85 degree for easy slab loading/unloading and rotate 90 degree for easy cutting of all four sides of a slab. Numbers of wood lumbers have been fixed on top the worktable to make blade cutting safe. The worktable tilting and rotating actions are powered by hydraulic.
The bridge cutting machine body is inner lined with putty and surface well painted to protect from rusting. All cables are supported by drag chain to ensure safety and long service life.